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Orphan’s Gold

Virgil was nearly 14 and old enough to mine gold with his father. Although the wagon journey to Colorado will be difficult, soon Virgil’s rite of passage will include a strange puberty rite and a deadly mammoth hunt. The future holds the key to Virgil’s survival, but only in the distant past can he regain his love.

How a 14 year old, seeking his father, becomes a time traveler and what happens next. Download it free here:

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Adult fairy tales told on starships



1,001 Lightyears Entertainments

Starfarers traveling between the Barbarian Worlds pass their time retelling the folklore of those worlds. While this folklore contains stories that are new, many are based on the ancient Earth literature once known as the Arabian Nights. Although some of these stories are vulgar and unsophisticated, they are not formulaic and tame like the current literature favored on the Enlightened Worlds. This volume, the first of many, presents a sampling of this vast literature.

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